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Post  Admin on Thu Aug 14, 2008 3:38 pm

My favorite Korean band right now is Super Junior. This is a boy idol band, formed by 13 handsome guys. Razz Do you know this band? If yes, who's your favorite? What's your favorite song?

Seriously in this band there's something for everyone Smile The guys have great personalities (watch Super Junior Full House and you'll know) and they are really great singers. Their songs are full of emotions... they can either make you happy or make you cry... I cried when I heard one of their songs, and I don't even know Korean... it was really intense... Up until now no other artist made me cry... but Super Junior made me cry times and times again... Ah I really like this band Smile

So here's a picture Smile it's actually from last year but they all look so manly and sexy here, I had to share it with you Razz

Super Junior (moved topic) 300px-Super_junior

XO Victoria


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Post  Admin on Thu Aug 14, 2008 3:39 pm

Here I wanted to post the names and a picture of every Super Junior member. They are all really adorable! Love them~

Leeteuk born July 1 1984 (the leader of Super Junior)
Super Junior (moved topic) Teukie14

Kim Hee Chul born July 10 1984
Super Junior (moved topic) Heechu11

Han Geng (Chinese member) born February 9 1894 (this year he was a torch bearer for the summer Olympics)
Super Junior (moved topic) Hangen12

Yesung born August 24 1984
Super Junior (moved topic) Yesung11

Kang In born January 17 1984
Super Junior (moved topic) Kangin12

Shin Dong born September 28 1985
Super Junior (moved topic) Shindo11

Sungmin born January 1, 1896
Super Junior (moved topic) Sungmi12

EunHyuk born April 4, 1986
Super Junior (moved topic) Eunhyu10

DongHae born October 15, 1986
Super Junior (moved topic) Dongha10

Siwon born April 6, 1986
Super Junior (moved topic) Siwon11

Ryeowook born June 21, 1987
Super Junior (moved topic) Ryeowo10

Kibum born August 21, 1987
Super Junior (moved topic) Kibum11

KyuHyun born February 3, 1988 (all credit for this picture goes to AlexiaAi on deviantart Smile )
Super Junior (moved topic) Kyuhyu10


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